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To overcome a bullying situation, do not hesitate to set limits, say NO, or talk to a person you trust.
Here are a few scenarios that will guide you to improve your situation:

Enough is Enough!

At school, one of my classmates used to borrow my pencils, eraser and pens without asking me, and often returned them half-broken. Although I repeatedly mentioned that it bothered me, he carried on and ignored me. In addition, he purposely mocked my name simply to offend me. After talking about the situation to my teacher, everything went back to normal. My classmate finally got the message and leaves me alone!

The Extent of Jealousy

One day, on my way back home, a girl pushed me to the ground and then crushed my hand with her bike. It was a warning; she did not accept my friendship with HER friend. She was very jealous and possessive. Since I did not want the situation to repeat or worsen with time, I immediately told my parents about the incident. My parents promptly contacted her parents who took care of the situation. She never bothered me again. 

For the Fun of Hockey

Hockey is a winter sport we practice for recreation and for the love of the game; however, when checking is allowed, this sport is physically demanding. During a specific game, one of my friends was constantly tackled. This tactic by the other team was meant to hurt my friend in order to get him out of the game, since he was very good and considered a threat. As soon as I guessed their tactics, I informed the referee so he could put an end to these violent acts. I was proud of my action that allowed my friend to continue the game without incident. He even thanked me for my good deed! 

Expressing Oneself with Confidence

While walking the hallways at school, a person used to pull my shirt so that I followed him, regardless if I was busy with something else. I felt like an object, as this person was never checking if it suited me or not. Finding it a little unpleasant, my friends intervened and talked to this person. They even showed me how to be more assertive. Thanks to them, this person now verbally asks me if I want to follow him. What a difference!

Key Points

In recent years, bullying has gained more importance in the lives of young people. Consequently, we have to:

  • encourage victims of bullying to report the situation;
  • teach them ways to address and avoid such situations;
  • intervene or report the situations we witness, in order not to worsen the case.

If you believe that you are a target of bullying, talk to someone you trust (parent, teacher, school management, help line, etc.). For additional support, contact us.