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Do you think that you are a target of bullying? Nobody is safe from bullying. Bullying can happen at school, at work, during sports activities and even on the bus, to name but a few possibilities. Victims of bullying may have visible characteristics (minorities, developmental delays, learning difficulties, different disabilities, etc.).

A person who is a target of bullying may:

  • feel anxious, depressed, sad, unhappy or irritable;
  • avoid certain places;
  • have difficulty developing relationships;
  • want to skip school or other activities;
  • have difficulty concentrating in school or at work (poor grades or productivity);
  • feel humiliated and have low self-confidence;
  • be scared and feel anxious around the places where the bullying occurs;
  • suddenly stop going online and using social networks;
  • often feel sick;
  • self-harm or have substance abuse issues; or
  • have suicidal thoughts.

If you believe that you are a target of bullying, talk to someone you trust (parent, teacher, school management, help line, etc.). For additional support, contact us.