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A regional initiative has been in place since 2012 to stop and prevent bullying in Prescott-Russell. An action plan was developed on the heels of a community consultation involving more than 40 partners from different service sectors that regularly interact with the people who are affected by bullying. These partners included organizations providing services to children and youth, health care providers, educational institutions, programs under the judicial system, sports associations and certain private businesses that provide school transportation. This group of partners make up the Prescott-Russell Coalition in Action to Prevent and Stop Bullying. The Coalition advocates a collaborative approach to developing strategies to prevent bullying in Prescott-Russell.


Bullying has no place in Prescott-Russell. It is time to do something about it! The answers have to come from a collective community effort, because this is the only way to reinforce this message.

What we hope to achieve through this initiative is a global strategy on preventing bullying in Prescott-Russell and an action plan that will be implemented together with the different partners.

An action plan has to follow guidelines that are based on intervention measures tried, tested and supported by research into the development of strategies. The Coalition’s action plan has been guided by the following intervention principles:

  • all intervention programs must stand the test of research and be regularly evaluated;
  • the child’s development must be at the heart of any intervention program aimed at stopping bullying;
  • the child’s relationships must be at the core of any intervention program aimed at stopping bullying; and
  • leadership is the basis in the promotion of healthy relationships and the elimination of violence.

Our method is simple! By relentlessly putting forward the same messages and encouraging positive actions in the Prescott-Russell communities in every possible sphere of activity; we will help teach residents a basic lesson: the importance of creating healthy relationships throughout their lives.

pdfConsult the Prescott-Russell Coalition in Action to Prevent and Stop Bullying action plan. (Unfortunately, this PDF file does not meet the accessibility requirements.)